Get Up to 24% p.a. interest rates on your savings with Must multiply premium investment.

Supporting You To Achieve Your Goals Faster

Our premium investment is a fixed-term savings product that gives you the support (discipline) you need to not only achieve your goals but achieve them faster. Keep your funds safe and take advantage of our high interest rates by creating your first investment plan today!

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Why Must multiply Premium Investment?

Best interest rates on your deposits

Up to 24% per annum.

Flexible tenures

Choose perfect savings tenure for you ranging from 7 days to 2 years.

Automatic withdrawal on maturity

Fixed deposit will be withdrawn automatically to your FairSave balance..

Multiple deposit plans

You can create multiple fixed deposit plans as per your needs anytime!.

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Calculate your returns with this free fixed deposit calculator

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We offer several investment plans, with different interest rates and term lengths. Interest rates can vary between 11 - 24% per annum, depending on the term length. You are free to choose the combination of term length and interest rate that best suits you

There are no fees or charges to use MustVest. It’s completely free!

First things first, you’ll need to have some funds in your investment balance. If you don’t yet, you can easily do so by transferring money via your bank account. Once you have funds in wallet, simply navigate to the investment Home, tap the “Create a deposit” button, input the amount you’d like to lock, and confirm. This will securely lock your funds.